LRRA New Hampshire Amateur Radio

W1BST 147.03 Tone 88.5

Lakes Region Repeater Association (LRRA)   

NEW 6m Repeater
We now have a 6m repeater on Bennett Hill, Ossipee
Receive 53.470 mhz
Transmit 52.470 mhz
Tone 71.9 hz
We invite everyone that can to try it, so that we can see what coverage it has.

Lakes Region Repeater

Serving Radio Amateurs from Bennett Hill in Ossipee in the Lakes Region and the White Mountains of New Hampshire

The Lakes Region Repeater Association is an outstanding amateur radio club sponsoring the W1BST repeater at 147.030 megahertz with a tone of 88.5 on the two-meter band. Our tower is in Ossipee, New Hampshire.

Sunday Breakfast 

Get Together

Most every Sunday a group of 03 members get together to swap lies and tell stories.  All are welcome. 

Tune to 147.03 Tone 88.5 for more information.

Local meeting simplex frequencies of interest
   7:30-8pm 10meter 
5:30 am 29.050Mhz. AM
6:30-7pm 6meter
AM 50.550Mhz

147.03 Tone 88.5 Net
Sundays   8pm

11 Meter Net
27.365 USB
Wednesday 8pm

These frequencies are visited every evening by a few for general ragchewing. Newcomers are especially welcome. The old time AM (Amplitude Modulation) communication which faded out in the mid sixties is making a comeback.  Voice fidelity is better due to the wider bandwidth and steady carrier (although far less efficient than SSB). Resurrection and use of these old tube rigs is a lot of fun!  Most of the present rigs will work on a form of AM also.
Come on in and join!

Tnx es 73,

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